Qawaem is a program established by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants to provide a set of services related to financial statements and information of enterprises. It enables corporations and audit firms to upload and send their financial statements via XBRL language to be used by relevant parties, e.g. governmental sectors, etc.

Our task was to illustrate the program in a short motion graphic video that would make it easier to grasp. To make the video visually attractive, we challenged ourselves with an idea of ‘liquefying’ the objects when they move. Also, we decided to celebrate the hexagonal object throughout the video.


Creative Director:

  • Ala’a Al-Maktoum


  • Habbar

Illustrations & Storyboard:

  • Maryam Al-Rajih


  • Fou’ad Al-Hatlan
  • Mohammad Helmy


  • Bader Al-Fayez


  • Mohammad Salaymah
  • Mahmoud Zu’aiter