Saudi New Media


We were contacted by Attariq Communications to produce a digital video illustrating the web revolution in Saudi Arabia in 2011. The numbers of people joining social networks were massively growing that year, and they still are. The challenge was to show this shift from traditional media to the new media.

We wanted to go beyond graphics, so we decided to create a virtual world where a real character interacts with the graphics illustrating the information. The challenge required both chroma-camera shooting and motion graphics work, with some camera matching to link the two. Also, one of the ideas is to create different worlds and moods across the video, simulating the wildness and randomness of the new media world.


Creative Director:

  • Ala’a Al-Maktoum

Script and Motion Graphics:

  • Ala’a Al-Maktoum


  • Al-Bara’a Al-Ohali


  • Sameh Ahmad


  • Alpha Studios