The Silent Killer

Coexistence is a state in which two or more groups are living together while respecting their differences and resolving their conflicts nonviolently. In the recent years, tension is getting worse in the Arab region with different religious view, political perspectives and social values. The fail to coexist has led to massive massacres, economic losses and absence of security. This video, sponsored by King Abdulaziz Center For National Dialogue, is trying to convey the message of coexistence.

Within 1 week only, the video received a huge public recognition, with views reaching up to 190,000 on Youtube. We tried to create an artistic approach, slow tempo, and a message that would let the viewer question himself/herself, whether they are part of the problem or not.


Creative Director & Script:

  • Ala’a Al-Maktoum

Illustrations & Storyboard:

  • Raja’a Al-Qadeeb

Animation & Art Direction:

  • Fou’ad Al-Hatlan


  • Omar Al-Badran